Stop being a passenger in your own life

This was told to me by my greatest lover.  It was the hardest thing to hear but came at the most amazing time.  Thank you A2, I am now a driver.

As I said in my first blog.  Every friend you have was once a stranger, so go out and meet some strangers.  As a student or human interaction,  I get so much enjoyment out of meeting all types of people.  It is my drug of choice, well its either that or cycling.

My reason for this blog is to share all the interactions I have with people from all walks of life.  Some of the interactions are funny, sad, tragic, embarrassing, scary and possibly just as normal as they can be.  I want to document my personal interactions in the inner core of KC, the bicycle racing I do every weekend, my kiddos, travel and the people I met along the way,

I have had so many people tell me that I really should have a reality TV series or to write a blog about all the insane things that happen to me as I walk through this life.  Well, here you go DK and Elena (my Muse).  I love all those close to me and even those not so close to me and to those I have yet to meet, I love you all too!

Thank you for reading