Stranger danger

We were taught from a very young age these two words, stranger danger.  I, on the other hand, explained to my kiddos that every friend you have today was once a stranger.  So, why are we not willing to just say hello to a stranger and strike up a conversation?  You never know where it may take you.

This blog will take many turns but the main thing is how awesome and fulfilling your life can be if you are open to meeting one new stranger a day, or maybe 50 new strangers a week.  So many things start to happen.

I once heard that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  So please, care about the person that is in front of you and you will find that it is more fulfilling to you than the person you are speaking with.

Thanks for reading my first post.  Looking forward to an incredible year.


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