Monday Race report 8/28/2017

This weekend took me back to the great city of Hutchinson KS for the state time trial. Overall the showing was fairly low, under 50. The race was delayed 45 minutes because of a storm front that moved in rather quickly. This was a great idea. It cooled it down and cleaned the roads for us:)

The night before the race I decided to go to the Olive Garden, since it was right across the street from the hotel I was staying. As I was sitting at the bar eating a salad, in walks the guys from 360. 360 is a large, mostly masters racers. They sat down at the bar with me and we had some great conversation. It was great to sit and chat with Jessse Brown and all the guys.

A time trial is basically, you ride 40k as fast as you can on your own. They stagger the racers 1 minute apart and if you catch the person ahead of you, you can not draft off of them. My goal time was 59:51. That meant I had to do 25mph for the entire 40k. I ended up doing 24.5mph and missing my goal by only 47 seconds, although still taking 1st place in the Cat 4 mens race.

I worked hard and looked at my goal of 59:51 everyday for a week and I wrote it on my forearm before the race. I was very focused. I think sometimes people want something in life and they go at it half hearted or sideways. It has to burn inside of you. I was not striving for 1st. I was going for something bigger than that. It was to beat a number that seemed impossible to me a year ago. Now it is going to happen.

A dream with out action is just a dream. Strive to be the best and great things will happen.

Thank you for reading.

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