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Race Report Colavita Cup 2017

Another great weekend for racing. The cross season is in full swing and everyone was ready for another tough CX course.

The race took place a bit east of downtown Kansas City, MO at Blue Valley Park. Saturday races started at noon and continued until 5pm. This course was both a little technical and had some climbing in it. Overall it was such a fun course to navigate and all the people were great. As usual, I met several of the 300+ riders, families and friends that came out over the weekend. As I always say, every friend you have today was once a stranger. So, this weekend was no different and I got to hang out with people that I really wanted to get to know a little better. Some of those people were Marianne, Marco, Haley, Steven, Alex, Britton, Brett and several of the youth cyclist. The Kansas City Cycling community is, for the most part, a tight knit group and everyone seems to get along. I’m sure there are some feathers ruffled and feeling get hurt. But, from my perspective it is a family.

It was nice to sit and have a conversation with Marianne this weekend. Marianne and I share the same cycling coach. I always try to get a picture of us to send to him. She is very insightful and introspective person. This was the first time we actually sat and chatted about something other than cycling:)  When we did talk cycling, she said how do you think it feels to be a kid out there racing on the same course as the adults. I thought about that and we talked about how there really is not another sport that allows children to compete against adults like this. That is why I love cycling. It can bring together people of all ages. Kinda like the youngsters Marco and Haley. I knew I liked these two from the minute I met them last year. they are so much fun and really seem to have such a great outlook on life. These two are going to be exciting to watch. I know as they get stronger as cyclist they will stay the same beautiful people.

Marianne and Haley battling it out
Having way to much fun

Below is a picture Finn, this kiddo is possibly the friendliest and most respectful 12 year old I have ever met, and as a middle school soccer coach I have met many a 12 year old. Finn was my hero this weekend! I know his dad was proud of him too. He beat 26 other men and women in the cat 4/5 race on Sunday. Taking first place is spectacular, but being humble at 12 is much more impressive. If only we could bottle this guys humility.


The picture below is of Britton, he is the race promoter and runs Volker Bikes. I didn’t get to talk with Britton much as he is always moving:) I can tell he is a great father and although he likes to give people shit about their bikes, he does care about his cycling community. I really don’t know how to best describe him. I feel that Britton would give you the shirt off his back and the next time he sees you wearing the shirt that HE gave you, he will tell you how bad it looks and you should get a new one. I enjoy his honesty and how he can say so much in so few words. Also, I don’t think I ever heard him say goodbye, see you later or piss off. I look forward to never figuring him out.


I thought about changing the featured image but it is my blog so piss off:) Thanks for reading and please talk to someone today that you normally would just pass by. You never know the impact you may have.

A special than you to Roger Harrison for his pictures. If you want to see some cool pics goto rogers flicker page.