Monday Race Report

Belgium Waffle ride

No races to report on. I wrote an article back in January.

I did get to do a century ride on Saturday for Alex’s lemonade stand.  I met several new friends. John, Dan, Tammy and Rob, to name a few. When you are going 25 mph it is interesting as to the conversations you have. They are short and sweet seeing how you are generally not next to that same person for more than a few minutes at a time. Not to mention, you are trying to breath.

Sunday was the coffee and beer ride. There is a regular group that rides to get coffee and then they end up going to a brewery or two. It has been sometime since I have been able to go on this one. It was a nice break and I got to meet John and Nick. Nick and I ended up sitting outside and drinking another beer.  He was a very pleasant person to talk to. As we sat there, two unassuming ladies asked if they can sit at our table. Nick and I said sure and continued talking about bikes, stocks or riding bikes and his wife Sarah. As we were discussing the 4th of July one of the ladies overheard “wine ride” and jumped right into our conversation.  Here name was April and she introduce her friend Megan. April was an elementary teacher and Megan was a nurse.  Our conversation progressed and April gave me her card.  As an aspiring photographer, she is getting into taking senior pictures. Now that I have a new senior, this was the perfect opportunity for April to hand off her info without any issue. It was brilliant actually. She seized the moment and did not miss a beat. Well done April! I think April likes to meet strangers.

Cycling strangers are the best:) Now go out and ride.


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