Monday Race Report 8/7/2017

No races to report on. I was going to go to the Missouri State championship crits but decided with all the rain on Saturday and the potential rain on Sunday, I would stay in KC and see what I can get into on a Sunday afternoon.

Here is what it did all day on Saturday. I did get in a 25 mile ride in the morning and half way through it started to rain and did not stop until late that night.

Here is what I did most of the day on Saturday. Did some work, listened to music and hung out with the most loyal of friends, Ponyboy! Pony is one of 36 rescues. No, I do not have 36 dogs. Him and his brother Dallas are the only two that I kept. Dallas is now with Ellana and comes to the office everyday to annoy his brother.

Sunday, after some work, I finally got to ride. Sometime you just have to go and let whatever happen, happen. No plans or agendas. My only plan was to ride to Torn Lable Brewery and see where that takes me. I met a couple from PA and a young lady from D.C. that was in town on business with Sprint. She told me to drink water and eat something. She sounded like my mother:) I also met Porter, a super cute, high energy mutt of a rescue. Then this crew arrived and all hell broke loose!!!

This was the second stop of the day. This is the Sunday morning coffee and beer ride. That Sunday consisted of Jen, Amy, Nick, Bern, Adrian, Dave, Jay, Eddie and me. Such a motley crew. I have to say, this crew can make your side hurt from all the laughing. When ever I am not racing, this is where I would rather be on a Sunday afternoon. I love these guys and gals. They are all very strong riders and also like to drink a beer or two.

Thank you for reading and always Make New Strangers! Especially ones that like good beer.

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