When a friend becomes a stranger

Most of what I write about is the good in when I meet people and the fun that is had. Sometimes, as we all know, there is pain in meeting strangers. You know, the stranger you may have met 8 or 9 years ago or maybe just 6 months back. Either way, that stranger became your friend and you went all in to be theirs. When I make new strangers I don’t think of when will this turn into a friendship and or when will it end. I hope it never does, but I understand that everything has an expiration date. We will die, a relationship will end and your guacamole will turn brown. When this happens there is pain from that loss (maybe not the guac). So, how do you handle that? Do you sit around and feel sorry for yourself, angry, bitter and or blame yourself? Obviously there are many stages and we all go through them at different times. All I know is that time heals all wounds. Here is what I have heard and learned. If you were involved with someone romantically for 10 years, It will take about 5 years until you are fully over that and have moved on. It’s not magic and at midnight exactly 5 years from your break up all will be well. It’s a gradual slope. When a friend or family member dies it is no different. I don’t think you completely forget or am I suggesting you should. We will generally remember the good times and those will stay with you. I know how I deal with loss and although it may seem that I don’t have any feelings to some:) It is just that I look at the positive and try not to be selfish. If you think about it, when a relationship ends or a friend dies, we are wanting that person back so we can feel better, right? This is a general statement and I know that is not always the case for everyone.

So, If you have had a friend, lover or family member become a stranger. You are not alone and all will be right with your part of the world. Maybe in a few days or years it will come back around or maybe you will never cross paths again. Either way, what is meant to be will be and you never have control over that. 222-logo-325-x-325

I hope that all of the strangers you meet become friends and are with you until you breath your last breath.

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