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Monday Track Race report

At 49 years old you would think I would, as my mother nicely put it, “Sit your butt down for a minute!!!“. So, here goes another first for me. Track racing! Track racing is simple and the purest of the cycling disciplines. Here is the basic premise, GO FAST with no breaks on a fixed gear bike around a 333 meter track. This particular track was on grass/dirt and you had to ride with tires that had a bit of grab to them. The track sits in the middle of a field just NW of Lawrence KS. It was so much fun and I got to hang out with the cool kids (and old guys) of the local track community. So, most of these guys I know or are familiar with and some I met for the 1st time.

Connor and Scott

So, the pic above is two of the faster guys. Scott Williamson is on the left and sits a top of a specialized and is one of the fastest on the course. To the right is Connor Remboldt and he sits on his 1989’ish rusted out steel frame and this bike you can hear coming around the course:) obviously, these two did some winning on the track Sunday. This also was the State of KS track championship races.  Nice to see the old guy beating the 2 young bucks in the Cat 3.

Roger, Connor, Ian

I ended up on the top of the podium in 2 races and 4th in the Cat 4. Not to shabby for my 2nd time on a track!

Our new kit is slimming:)

Above is Dave and I. It was great to get to hang out with Dave and give him a hard time about having to race me in the 45-49 category. I think Dave should hit the CX races and really put his skills to the test. Dave is also a cycling official and is the president of the KCA. He and his wife Cindy are always busy in the cycling community. I have no idea how they keep it all together. I love this family!20180729_133539.jpg

Everyone was taking a break between races and this is when the kids races begin. After the races we sat around hanging out and having an adult beverage or two.

Thank you to everyone working hard to keep track cycling alive in the KC area. If you want to know more about it go to localcycling.com

The track cycling community is incredible and will continue to grow. Thank you for reading. Not much happening in the KC race scene this weekend. The next two weekends are busy. Sunday the 5th is the Swope park criterium and the weekend after is the Junction city classic. So, get your road bikes ready for some fast racing.

Happy Monday!!!