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Monday Race Report – KCBC 7/2/2018

The Tour of Lawrence was the feature event this weekend. It was going to be a hot one, that along with the wind, will make an out and back time trial even tougher. Friday evening was the start of the time trial with a headwind out, coupled with a climb. So, knowing this is one thing, doing it in the most efficient way? Well that would be a question for our very own Kyle Guinn. He did the absolute best out of us all. Kyle took 1st overall in the Cat 3 and won it by almost 15 seconds. Great job Kyle. If you have any advice or secrets please share it with the rest of us. We are all proud of you. As for the rest of us? Well, Michelle Lingenfelser took 2nd place in the Cat 5 and missing 1st by 8 seconds. Everyone second guesses those 8 seconds. Did I leave it all out there? Where could I have made up those 8 seconds? You will have a chance to redeem yourself soon enough. Miss Jennifer Piko threw her hat in the ring in the Cat 4 and suffered with the rest of us to take 5th place. Great effort Jen. Then there is the Cat 4 men and I (Mike Ivancic) ended up taking 8th place. Those are all respectable places. We win when we show up and give it 100% no matter where you place.



Day 2 was even hotter than Friday. The crit was at Haskell University in Lawrence. This 2+ mile course had a ton of turns and an uphill finish. KCBC had a total of 8 athletes that entered the race. 3 of those were the best part of the 8. Our womans team once again showed up ready to race and contend. Madison Shepherd was first up and man did she put on one hell of a race and it was, once again a sprint finish. Madi came out of the final turn behind the cyclist from Tulsa and just could not get past her. Great work Shep! Jennifer Piko rode one of her stronger races and placed 17th out of 20. This was a very large cat 4 womans race. Michelle Lingenfelser also placed 2nd and the only reason she did not win this race was because there was a prem on the final lap. ( A prem is a premium / something of value that is given to the 1st cyclist to cross the start/finish on a certain lap that the officials decide) So, when they announced the prem and belled the final lap, this created a bit of confusion and Michelle let Kate from GP Velotek take the prem and therefore the race. I am going to go out on a limb and say, that will never happen again to Ms. Lingenfelser. As for the men of KCBC? Well, the top racer was once again Kyle with an 11th place finish, Michael Morris 13th and Shawn 21st in the cat 3 race. New KCBC teamate Mike Harrison took 8th in the 60+ category and was 2nd as a cat 4 in the 60+.  I, on the other hand, suffered and struggled to stay on with the main group. This tends to happen when you are assisting the director of the race and there all day. Yes, I know what excuses are like, everyone has one:) So, 23rd place is not last but wow! We all suffered in that heat. I was impressed with everyone that showed up to race. But, I have to say one of the most impressive efforts I witnessed, was the one that Michael Allison (Cat 1 racer), from Olathe Subaru racing, put forth. Michael Allison set out on a 75 minute race in 100 degree heat. Micheal took off from the start and built about a 2.5 minute gap over the course of the 1st half of the race. He worked so hard and kept pushing himself but there was a chase group of 4 cyclist and one of those on the chase was a kid by the name of Alex Hoen (pro racer). In that chase group there was also 2 other Subaru teammates that were doing what they could to slow down the train. The lead was cut to 1 minute then 40 seconds. The take over happend right in front of me and we were all amazed when Alex took Michael over. But that was not what amazed me. Nope, what I was impressed with was not the speed that Alex overtook Michael. It was when Alex passed Michael Allison, Michael dug down deeper than he may ever had and he made such a huge effort to chase and get on the wheel of Alex Hoen. So, here is a high level racer that just put out a ton of effort, gets caught in the last lap and has the grit to accelerate enough to catch his opponents wheel and stay on it until the finish. Michael and Alex were neck and neck all the way to the finish line and Alex took the win by half a wheel. It was the best race of the weekend.

Mike Harrison rockin the orange


20180701_094759 (1)
“the climb”
Love the earings:)

Day 3 was the road race around Lonestar, KS. Good news is it was much cooler, the bad news? There was a climb just before the finish. We fielded 8 and had a much better showing on the mens side. Our ladies did a great job with Michelle taking the top podium spot (that’s 1st place for all the non racer, or anyone that has never watched the Olympics). It was not a solo finish for Michelle, oh no! She had to work on that hill climb to beat Alexandra Borjarski-Stauffer (we should recruit her). Michelle did an outstanding job keeping her on her rear wheel through the climb and all the way to the finish. Great effort Michelle, super proud of you! Madison took 4th in the cat 4 and Jennifer finished strong at 14th. As for the men? The big win of the day goes to Mr. John Newman. John put in some incredible efforts and with a group sprint up the hill John worked his way into that 3rd spot. The cat 4 mens field was solid 25 men that all were strong climbers. I was officially pop’d off the back on the hill after the 2nd lap and could not recover. licking my 21st place wounds. As did my good friend John Field. Mr. Field entered the 40+ race that fielded some of the top cat 123 athletes. John is 52, he is also a cat 4. I give him props for sticking with that group as long as he did. John did not finish (DNF) and will be back in a few weeks for the Truman cup road race. As for our boys in the cat 3, they did a great job working the field and Kyle ended up in the 6th spot with Michael shutting the door behind Kyle with 7th place.


The Tour of Lawrance ended up being a well ran 3 day race and next year it will be an omnium and I have a feeling it will bring some bigger teams. As some of you know, my focus is on women in racing. This race series had a total 498 entries. I have said it before, you have 100 women at a race and you will have 300 men. Well, here is proof. 125 women raced this weekend. If you are a race director and are reading this, I think you might need to adjust your marketing. Working with Cindy Bracker (race director) this weekend was a blast. Everyone did a great job and helped out even when they were hot, sweaty and tired. I am proud of all the volunteers that came out and made a bunch of new friends throughout the event. Thank you.

Wednesday Night Worlds!

I want to close this out with something I heard at Wednesday. After the A race Michael Morriss had some words with Shadd Smith about something that happened during the race. I was not in the race and do not know if a wheel was chopped or someone perceived that he was aggressively overtaken? All of that does not matter. Shadd and Michael had some not so friendly words and Michael ended up walking away. All of this was overheard by the official, who let it play out. He knew that if it got to heated he would have to step in. The reason I want to share this story is because of what I was told by this official on Sunday after the ToL, over pizza and a beer. He said that Shadd came up to him this weekend and that Michael had sent him an email. The first thing the official thought was, oh shit! But then Shadd continued to explain that it was a good email and an apology. Michael Morriss, you gained the respect of many people with one email. Well done Mr. Morriss, you are a good man. I don’t mean to air any dirty laundry here, but we all have to realize that everyday we are being watched by those who are new to racing, a Jr racer or a parent that came out to see their 20 year old race. The race gets heated and we all might say something that we regret later. Our egos are no way the size of non athletes:)

Michael Morriss laying it down!

I have more respect for a man who lets me know where he stands, even if he’s wrong, than the one who comes up like an angel and is nothing but a devil. ~Malcom X

~every friend you have today was once a stranger. Go out and respectfully meet some strangers!

Monday KCBC race report 6/18/2018

This report should start with the gents that went to road nationals in Agusta GA. But, since I have the proverbial pen in hand, I will begin with the incredible women of KCBC. This weekend we got to see three women race in Ames, Iowa at the 2nd annual Ames Grand Prix. There was a Saturday night criterium and a Sunday circuit race. The Saturday crit took place in downtown Ames under the lights. The race started with all women categories and masters mass start. We had 3 women start that race and the lead pack formed quickly, Lynn Wilson (cat 2) sat in a very comfortable 3rd spot with Madison Shepherd (cat 4) sitting on the back of this peloton. Jennifer Piko was racing in the masters category and missed this break, but held on for a 4th place in 40+ masters. The race pushed speeds of 25+ for our ladies and mid way through the race they announced a $100 prem. Also, there was a local jeweler sponsoring the womans race with over $2800 in diamonds and this is what Mrs Wilson was focused on. As they came into the final turn Lynn was sitting in the 3 or 4 spot and held on to the wheel of Anne Meyer out of La Crosse and Dee Mable of IA. All three of these women laid down the hammer in an all out sprint for the finish line. It was a back and forth race and in the last 30 meters, Anne pulled ahead by a wheel and Dee and Lynn threw their bikes for a photo finish. Lynne took the 3rd spot and one of those lovely diamonds! Madi also took a 3 spot and some cash home. IMG_0977.jpg


Day 2 was a hot one and our KCBC ladies were on fire!!! Lynn Wilson took 1st in the 123 race, Madison Shepherd took 1st in the 4/5 race and Jennifer Piko fought it out for a 4th place spot and a little walking around money.received_10212232426625633[1]received_10212232426345626[1]

As for us men in Ames? We all worked to get in position and with 2 large local race teams running the race, you pretty much get shut out at every turn.

Kurt Wilson and Kyle Guinn were in the cat 3 race. Kyle had an epic crash with an even better landing (I give his landing a 9.8). Jack Mason of 360 racing was also involved in this mayhem. If you watch closely, at 15 seconds you will see an Ames Velo racer bunny hopping the rider on the ground. At 19 seconds it looks like Kyle is going to finish the race with out his bike with jack pretending to be in his open wheel race car and another racer curled up in the fetal position praying not to be hit by yet another bike.

In Ames on Saturday night here is how the placing looked

Kurt Wilson took 17th/35 in the cat3 race and Kyle Guinn placed 21st in that same race. We also had another Kansas City racer in Ames. Aaron Sims from Cycle City Racing placed 18th in the 3 race.CRA_4982.jpg

As for the cat4 race on Saturday evening? It was Ian Pepin and myself representing KC/Lawrence. Ian took 13th of 36 and I limped in with a 22nd place finish.CRA_4960.jpg

The gents of Subaru racing out of Lawrence KS worked hard in the pro/1 2 race. but were out numbered 7 to 3. Garick Valverde took 4th, Scott Williamson 6th and Jordan Miller 14th. There were 18 men entered in this race. That is certainly respectable in my book. 

Day 2 in Ames for the men looked a bit better. Although with just as many crashes as day 1. We all stayed upright. Cat 3 race – Kyle took 14th out of 22 racers lined up. Cat 4, I took 16th out of 35 racers that lined up. Ian did not finish (DNF) do to several attempts at a break away group and very little sleep:) Great effort Ian! The master race was directly after the 4 race and I jumped in with Kurt Wilson who took 15th out of 20 and I ended up with a 16th place.  The Subaru team had a better circuit race and put Garrick in 2nd, Scott in 4th and Jordan in 10th out of 16 men that lined up at the start. Well done Subaru!CRA_5209.jpg


Mark Horn, Bill Smith, Kenny Carlson from KCBC. Also, Mike Harrison from GP Velotek and Andy brown from 360 racing all traveled to Augusta GA for masters national.

The Friday road race looked like a brutal course and took its toll on the crew. Mark Horn pulled the pin, blew up and decided to save his legs for the crit. Andy 9th in the 70+ with Mike ending up with a respectable 17th place finish.

Saturday was day 2 of the road race with Kenny taking 22nd out of 37 starters and Mr. Smith pulling the plug so not to completely shred his legs. These masters races are basically a bunch of ex-pros that can still drop the hammer. It is a painful event and will put you in the pain cave for the entire race.

Sunday was the crit and the boys did much better. Andy 5th and Mike took 9th in the 70+. Mark Horn 25th out of 52 starters. Kenny with a strong finish, placing 17th.  In the masters 40-45 Bill raced the crit and tailgunned it with 5 laps to go. He moved up to the front, and was at the front with 1.5 laps to go, being in a perfect position to contend is extremely tough but a gutsy move. As the front of the pack came through the start finish on the bell (final lap), Bill was swarmed, and they entered turn one, two guys in front of him crashed battling for position and took Bill down and out of the race. With a broken helmet and rashed body, he was out as fast as the race started. To be that close and competing at that high a level he has to be happy with how he performed against the best, but it was just not in the cards. Next time Bill!35240537_10156349685707158_306068208555655168_n.jpg


Mountain Madness? 

Looks like KCBC had one racer in the Mountain Madness race. Mr. Pat Robinson decided to move from the cross country category into the marathon category. This tells me that he loves to suffer:) Well done digging a deeper hole to get out of. That is a true sign of someone who likes to challenge himself. Pat finished 5th overall.35744121_10212101887406718_2675636991864864768_n.jpg

Great job to all of those cyclist out there and keep putting on the miles no matter where you are at in you cycling life.

Remember, Every friend you have today was once a stranger!