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The RAGBRAI a friendly ride across Iowa 

So, it has been a few years since I have done the RAGBRAI. 5 days of riding across Iowa with 10000 other riders is ok to do every once and a while but no way do I want to do it every year. So, I have decided that this was my last time doing the entire route. I will do a day or two as long as I can do it in an awesome costume made by DK.

The Dom and Gimp costume received the most attention. This outfit also came with a ball gag that was not the most comfortable thing to ride with. At one point, we were in the middle of the beer garden surrounded by people wanting to take a picture. This happened every time we stopped. We were the highlight of RAGBRAI. On this day we rode about 52 miles and by mile 47 I was ready to take the mask off. We stayed in costume the entire 52 miles.


Best outfit of the RAGBRAI



The ladies of the Elks lodge. We had way to much fun with these ladies and the US Air Force.  This was on Wednesday and it was raining so what better time to sit at the Elks lodge and have a few beers.

Roxy and Heater at the Elks club

There was a Veterans memorial that the VFW designed. It was a nice stop.

Thursday was super friends day. The shenanigans that took place that day are to many to go into detail. Although this is the day we met team stoner, the name we so lovingly gave them. Since one of the guys were a little “unbalanced”, I gave him Gleek, the little blue monkey to keep him balanced. He wore Gleek for at least 2 days straight and possibly that little blue monkey is still around his neck.

Thor, bat girl, wonder woman and the wonder twins

Our super hero crew was supposed to have a villain with it but Toby bailed on it because he doesn’t like to ride in a costume. LAME! He missed out on some serious fun. We made a bunch of new friends that day.

Abigail (BBC) was thor, DK (BeadWhore) was Jayna, I was Zan, Abby was Wonder Woman and Deb (side boob) was Bat Girl.

Thors hammer fit 6 tall boys comfortably.

unjustice league

As I sat at the entrance to the brewery I made sure no one left with a beer in their hands. I had to help at least 2 people finish their beer:)



Team stoner:)

It was a fun RAGBRAI and I met a ton of people and strengthened a few relationships that were only acquaintances. DK and I hung out for 8 straight days! That can put a strain on any friendship:) Deb, Abby and Abigail are now part of the inner circle, or am I part of their inner circle. Either way, I love them all. It was a great dynamic and we all played a part in entertaining each other.

By the way, you can fit 10 adults in a port a potty.